Deciding to rid yourself of some of your clothes isn’t easy for everyone. For those of us who collect clothing, this means parting with a real treasure... an emotional memory (good or bad...) and a financial asset, which is difficult or impossible to get rid of. Hence the importance of emptying your closet while taking into account several aspects that are unique to each person. The idea of creating space in your closet should be part of a positive approach with aim of acquiring an undeniable source of well-being in your life. To get started, here is an update on best practices.

Set a personal, realistic and reassuring goal

Before taking everything out of the closet and ending up with mountains of clothes piled up on your bed without knowing what to do, take some time to set a realistic goal for yourself before you begin your session. Start by asking: why do I suddenly want or need to get rid of the clutter my closet? This often coincides with a change in one’s life: a move, a new career, a change in your body, a new season, a change in your love life....Every change involves its own solution and a more appropriate method. Some people will be comfortable with drastic sorting, and others by proceeding gradually, planning intermediate steps to succeed in getting rid of clutter with no regrets.

The not very good idea of clearing everything out

Beware of this method! This is the best way to running out to go shopping after emptying your closet. If the need to declutter is happening before a change in your career, for instance, you can set a more precise and achievable goal. It will actually be necessary to adapt your closet every day to your new functions (uniform, neutral colors...). Which means that the appropriate response to your need will be to organize a fitting session so that you can keep the items you feel good in. Then you need to draw up a list of what items are missing in your wardrobe. Once you have made your selection, you can schedule a sorting session later on, to get rid of any surplus for good.

So, what do I keep?

You shouldn’t be suffering while doing this! ... the issue of whether you have ever worn a given garment can lead you into a blame game (I'm such a compulsive buyer, I don’t know how to buy clothes ... blah blah blah...). And suddenly, there you are, guilt-ridden. So I recommend asking the right questions. Once you've set your goal, ask yourself if you need that piece of clothing in your life as it is today, when can you wear it? Is it still right for you?... Ask questions related to your current life. This way, you can encourage yourself to make the right decisions. As for souvenir clothes, the irreplaceable pieces, just dedicate part of your closet (the least visible in the morning) or a lovely special trunk to keep them. Enjoy yourself, this day is an opportunity to take a break in the present. Put on some music and enjoy it.

What if I gave my clothes a second life by sharing...

The best way not to regret your clothes is to give them a second life. There are many solutions out there for you. You can give, sell, rent, exchange, recycle... which will fill you with pleasant feelings of solidarity, imagination and creativity. Over time and by including clothes sorting in your daily routine, you will realize the benefits of reasonable closet, where a comfortable life combines with simplicity. Now it’s up to you!