Imagine keeping your favorite cashmere sweater or your favorite dress in good condition.... Well, it's possible and not as difficult as you think! Choosing a quality garment is obviously paramount, but once purchased, your clothes require at least some care to keep looking great. Good news, there are simple things you can do, habits that you can implement at home, to limit the effects of the fabric wear and tear.

Putting my shirt right back on...

That’s right, a T-shirt, a shirt, pants... They don't need to be washed every time you wear them. Unstained clothing in which one hasn’t perspired can be worn again without any problem. By ventilating your garment on a hanger as much as possible after wearing it, then not wearing it for 2 days in a row, it is quite possible to wear it again without giving up on good hygiene. It's up to you to determine the pace that suits you best, but do be aware that every time you wash it, your fabric necessarily weakens. Quite simply, the less you wash it, the longer you keep it.

Better organizing and storing in your closet!

In addition to washing less often and doing it better, the idea of protecting the fabric in your clothes can be applied at every stage in handling your laundry. This involves getting into the habit of turning your clothes inside out before rinsing, folding and storing them. And even before placing them on a chair, wherever you may be. This protects the outer material from too much friction. And this is especially true for all your woolen clothes. Lastly, a well-ventilated closet where clothes are not so tightly packed will enable you to keep your clothes in the best condition.

Steam is good for fibers...

Lastly, if you like to wear your clothes wrinkle-free, the best way to do that is to use steam. A bit like after a spa, clothes come out looking nicely pressed, and the steam sublimates details that are often fragile (the pleats in pants, the lace on a collar, buttonholes ...). Steam has the ability to remove wrinkles gently, it relaxes garment fibers without burnishing or crushing them. Using steam is also a great tip for shirts or pants that have already been worn, the steam from the Minilys Plus for instance will refresh the garment and soften it.