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Accessories and spare parts for steam irons

Discover all our accessories for your steamOne Steam Steamer headrest, brush, glove, finishing board, hanger or trouser clip

You have a steamer and want to change its use? You don't necessarily have to buy another model of steam steamer, you can simply convert it by adding or changing accessories !

The headrest

Did you have a travel steamer and now want to convert it to a steamer for home use? You can add a headrest to your ironing equipment

The brush

The fabric brush is the steamer accessory that will allow you to open the fibers of the fabrics for a better steam penetration. Be careful, before attaching the fabric brush, let your appliance cool down.

The insulating glove

Nothing is more important than your safety. Even though the steam iron is a much safer device than the old irons, the steam from this device rises quickly to very high temperatures. An insulated glove will protect your hands from any possible burns

The finishing board

Do you wear shirts? To make ironing collars or cuffs easier, the finishing board is an excellent idea

The hanger

The hanger is the ideal support if you want to achieve a quality wrinkle removal without the need of an ironing board. If you want to smooth shirts, this accessory will be your best ally

The trouser clip

Do you iron a lot of pants? Whether you own a store, a hotel or a private individual, the trouser clip is the accessory you need to iron this type of garment

It's up to you to decide which accessories will be useful depending on what you are wearing or want to smooth: dresses, shirts or even small pieces.

Our accessories are designed to go with some of our steamers from the PRO collection, the HOME collection or the NOMAD collection. You can refer to the model number or contact us to take advantage of our services and advice

Spare parts for steam irons

Find all the spare parts for your steamOne Steam Steamer that might be useful to you: tanks, rods, tank or drain plugs or even hoses and diffuser heads.

It can happen to all of us to misplace one of these spare parts or to want to complete his device with additional parts for optimal use

The tanks

If you accidentally broke the tank of your steam steamer model, you can change it by purchasing the spare part individually.

Tank or drain plugs

When emptying the tank of your steam steamer, it can happen that the tank is misplaced. It can also happen that the drain plug is broken. Find the right cap here to replace it without wasting time


Do you want to switch to using a rod to straighten your clothes? You can buy the rod as a spare part. A fixed rod on a mobile base can hold up to 10 pieces of clothing vertically

The pipes

Get a new telescopic hose. It makes it much easier to store your appliance. It also allows you to efficiently straighten all types of fabrics, even the thickest!

Diffusion heads

You want to replace your diffuser head and get a new one. Replace the diffuser head of your steam straightener easily and quickly

If you can't find the part you are looking for, and you need advice about a part for your professional steam straightener, , travel steamer or vertical hair straightener for the home, do not hesitate to ncontact us ! !