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Steamcube (preorder)

Professional steamers

Looking for professional steam ironing? Our SteamOne line of professional steam ironers has been designed specifically for service professionals.

Power, purification, sanitationergonomics, French manufacturing and design are the main assets of our professional steamers

Sanitize with SteamOne

In these times of pandemic, we know that you need more than ever to sanitize the clothes and linens used by your customers. Our pro streamers are more powerful than the vertical steamers from our in-house range. They are guaranteed to remove 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria from fabrics. With the extra power of our professional steam ironers, removing wrinkles from your laundry, as well as viruses and bacteria, becomes a breeze.

Did you know? With our French certification, we promise you that Steam Pro eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) in a single pass. Use our range of steam pro steamers without moderation on linens, curtains or towels. After washing, the steam will leave them clean and healthy.

A professional high performance steamer

Even with intensive use, no more drop in performance! Our streamers pro have a high capacity water tank and an unequalled speed of heating of the steam. These assets allow a very powerful steam flow which generates a great saving of time of ironing!

Our professional steam ironers are made for precision ironing. The wide and precise diffusion of the steam penetrates the fabrics to easily get rid of wrinkles and eliminate all bad smells.

SteamOne, French style expert

As the French style experts, we at SteamOne have put our heart into a range of professional steamers with style! Each of the pro streamers in this line has a futuristic design as well as an ergonomic grip. This makes the SteamOne Steam Steamer a perfect fit for any high-end establishment