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Halte aux idées reçues sur les steamers
Le défroisseur n’est utile que pour les chemises ?

FAUX. Le défroisseur est adapté à tous les types de vêtements : chemise, robe, veste, top, pantalon… Il est même indispensable pour certaines pièces qui ne peuvent être repassées. La vapeur douce est sans danger et évite, par exemple, de lustrer les costumes. Grâce au défroisseur, vous pourrez faire des économies sur le pressing !

Le défroisseur n’est efficace que sur certaines matières ?

FAUX. Le défroisseur offre des résultats impeccables sur tout type de tissu, du jeans à la soie en passant par le lin, le coton, la mousseline, les tissus mélangés… Il est aussi efficace sur les fibres serrées et épaisses que sur les tissus fluides et légers. C’est d’ailleurs le seul appareil capable de défroisser les décors comme les paillettes, les sequins, les broderies, les flocages sans risque d’altérer le vêtement.

La condensation salit-elle le linge ?

FAUX. La condensation est un phénomène physique normal. Il se peut donc que quelques gouttelettes d’eau perlent au niveau des trous de la tête de diffusion. Cela dit, contrairement aux semelles de fer, il n’y a pas de résidus calcaires dans cette zone de l’appareil. Il n’y a donc aucun risque de salissure.

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Frequently asked questions about our steamers
How effective are our steamers on the CO . . .

The powerful SteamOne steam eliminates 99% of COVID-19* on the most used textiles in the Ready-to-Wear industry.

How to efficiently remove wrinkles?

Do not use the steamer in a horizontal position like an iron, do not use an ironing board. The diffuser head must be kept in a vertical position to avoid condensation in the hose and to obtain an optimal steam diffusion. When the tank is full, press the start button. Steam appears after 1 minute of preheating: however, to avoid condensation, we recommend to let the soleplate heat up for 2 minutes. Place your garment on a hanger, button it and hang it on the built-in hanger. Hold the bottom of your garment to tighten the fabric and pass the diffusion head touching the fabric so that the steam goes through the fibers and relaxes them. Do not hesitate to remove your clothes from the telescopic rod. For shirt sleeves and collars, use the accessory provided for this purpose. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, without any risk for your fabrics.

What type of water to use?

You can use tap water directly, it is not necessary to use demineralized water. However, if you wish, you can use tablets or demineralized water. The lime particles fall directly to the bottom of the tank and do not rise up the pipe to the diffuser head. Do not use any additives (white vinegar, perfumes, etc...) which could damage the device.

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SteamOne Services
How many days does the delivery take?

You have 3 delivery options: DPD Relay: free delivery in 24-48 hours in France to more than 6000 Pickup relays. DPD Predict : delivery in 24-48h at home. Chronopost : delivery in 24-48h at home. Packages are generally dispatched within 1 week after receipt of payment.

What is the warranty on the products?

All electric or battery products are guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor, the date of delivery being proof. SteamOne provides after-sales service.

How long is the withdrawal period?

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will take back the goods within 14 days from the date of delivery. The product must be returned in its original packaging, with all accessories and without any damage.

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Technical problems
My machine does not make steam anymore or less

If your appliance does not make steam anymore or less, it may be scaled. First, follow the classic procedure for emptying the unit:

If this still does not work, you can use white vinegar.
You just have to put it directly in the tank (1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water), then start the device (making sure not to put any clothes near the diffusion head), and let the tank empty.
The procedure with the vinegar is identical for the home, pro and nomad ranges.

The steam from my machine only comes out when the hose is straight

If your appliance does not make steam anymore or less, it may be scaled. First, follow the classic procedure for emptying the unit: [photo] If that doesn't solve the problem, you can use white vinegar. Fill the tank with 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water, turn on the device (making sure not to put any clothes near the diffuser head), and let the tank empty itself.this procedure with vinegar is identical for the home, pro and nomad ranges.

The problem is still not resolved? Please contact SteamOne or your resceller to replace the base of the device.

The appliance heats up but does not steam when the trigger is pressed (portable steamers)

Try locking the trigger in the "continuous steam" position and then unlocking it. Contact SteamOne or the dealer if there is no improvement.

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