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Tips #2 : sanitize your sofas

The confinement allowing us to get to the bottom of things, this week, let's attack the maintenance of our sofas!
Whether they are made of fabric, thick wool, cotton or even linen, the SteamOne steamer is ideal or to clean, freshen and smooth your sofa!

First of all, if there are stains or even just to refresh it, use sprinkles of "Terre de  Sommières"
What is "Terre de Sommières"l? It is a fluid clay soil, a 100% natural detergent to maintain all your textiles while being healthy and non-toxic for the environment.

First remove the excess of the stain with an absorbent paper or a cloth.
Then sprinkle the "Terre de Sommières" generously over the stain on your sofa or armchair and leave for a few hours or even overnight.

When the stain is dry, rub gently to remove the excess of "Terre de Sommières" and then use your vacuum cleaner to remove the soil residue.

Afterwards, take your SteamOne garment steamer, which you can find on the following link: https://steam-one.com/en

Pull the textile towards you - Touch the sofa fabric with the steam diffusion head - Smooth!

Goodbye dust, bacteria and dust mites!
Your sofa is cleaned and wrinkled, now you can enjoy it.

How does the steam sanitize upholstery and household linen?

The water heated by the boiler in the removable tank rises to a temperature of 100 degrees before being turned into steam.
This warm, gentle steam sanitizes the upholstery without damaging it and even has an odour-reducing effect!

The best part: it's natural and better for your health and the environment. No need for chemicals!

Pull, touch, Steamez!

More information > https://steam-one.com/en