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Linen care

Do you want to preserve the shine of your textiles and give your clothes a second life? Do you dream of professional results at home? Our laundry care range will accompany you on a daily basis to sanitize and extend the life of your fabrics, even the most delicate

Secrets of longevity

Poorly cared for, our clothes and linens become distorted and lose their softness and shine.

Taking care of your laundry therefore requires special attention, especially for the most delicate textiles

To preserve their longevity, washing, drying and ironing must be done with care. Whatever the material to be treated however, the good gestures remain the same

- Follow the manufacturer's care instructions -
Choose a washing cycle adapted to the fabric
- Use a mild detergent in the right proportions -
Prefer natural drying -
Store clothes away from humidity

These essential gestures ensure effective and fiber-friendly care rituals. But they are not enough on their own. Choosing the right laundry care accessories is also essential for optimal textile care

High-quality laundry care from SteamOne

SteamOne supports individuals and professionals with innovative and effective laundry care accessories. Our brand puts its know-how at the service of all by offering steamers but also accessories to maintain and care for your laundry

Easy to use

Simplify the care of textiles, this is one of the objectives behind our accessories care of laundry SteamOne. Complexity does not mean efficiency. That's why we've designed products that are simple to use but effective, making everyday life easier

Respect for delicate fabrics

Each appliance has been designed to take care of your laundry and treat your textiles with the utmost respect. Perfectly adapted to daily use, our accessories give a second life to your textiles while preserving their longevity

The colors are more brilliant, the clothes find day after day their softness and their freshness. Even the most fragile fabrics are preserved. They do not become deformed

Professional results at home

Our accessories for caring for your clothes offer results worthy of professionals. A true concentrate of technology, our products are perfectly integrated into everyone's cleaning habits. Performance and simplicity are combined for an incomparable pleasure of use

Minimal space requirement

The compactness of our products remains at the heart of our concerns. Their minimal size makes them easy to store. Our appliances can be handled quickly for easy daily use. Our laundry care appliances are as pleasant as they are simple to use for the maintenance of your wardrobe

Know-how Made in France

Our engineers and designers are working to offer ever more efficient, stylish and elegant products, all made in France. They work with the know-how of two French factories in Saint-Etienne and Honfleur. From this collaboration were born our greatest successes, such as the Stilys steam steamer

with its patented technology.