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Vertical steamers for the home

Do you wear suits, shirts or dresses? You certainly like your pieces to be impeccable at all times. Are you considering investing in an upright garment steamer? It's a great idea for your clothes !

Indeed, a vertical steam steamer allows you to make alterations, to remove wrinkles from all textiles that come out a little crumpled from the wardrobe. Whatever the shape and material of the textile, the steam steamer fulfills its mission.

Avoid ironing accidents with the vertical ironer

Taking care of textiles that cannot be ironed is not always easy. We sometimes risk to make them lose :

- their shape (a garment with a deliberately wrinkled effect)

- their delicacy (a very delicate textile does not receive traditional ironing)

- their beauty (ironing directly on the material can burn it)

Did you know ? Vertical ironing injects steam into fabrics, which moisturizes and restores softness to the textile. Thus, the use of the steam iron is not strictly limited to removing wrinkles.

How do I use a vertical straightener?

Called a steamer or vertical ironer, it can be used as a complement to an iron. Sometimes, even if the classic ironing does not damage the fabric, the steam of the steamer makes it easy to remove a few stubborn creases right out of the closet.

Even if you gave up ironing a long time ago, try the vertical steam. It takes less time and allows you to use it comfortably without that feeling of ironing chore. One of the most appealing aspects of the steam ironer is its speed of use. No need to take out the ironing board and wait for the steam to heat up. The steam vertical gets the job done quickly with a large removable water tank, the right amount of steam and a great heating speed.

Finally, steam has an anti-odour effect! It eliminates them and thus refreshes the textiles. Because the steamer is ergonomic, you can use it on upholstery such as curtains or sofas.

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