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One requirement : excellence

SteamOne has one mission: to ensure the best technology and design by offering practical, simple-to-use appliances for the most demanding customers, keen to keep their clothes looking great.

We are continuously innovating to offer ultra-high-performance product ranges: maximum compact style with Unilys or S-Nomad, power and speed with the new Dualys double boiler, ergonomics and optimal steam output with the Flow Vector technology, etc.

A responsible brand: manufactured in France

Made In France

To meet exacting requirements and offer a high level of quality, SteamOne manufactures its appliances in France at two industrial sites.

What’s more, to maintain its position as pioneer and always go a step further in terms of R&D, we have a team of engineers and designers in France who work continuously on improving our products and researching new concepts.

In detail

But the SteamOne trademark is also a clever combination of performance and aesthetics.

The SteamOne graphic codes are at the heart of our brand identity and reflect this continuous pursuit of elegance and refinement.

Our ultra-compact bases have two wheels (or 4 on the PRO models) that make the appliance easy to move. The 360° wheels are rubber-coated and therefore suitable for use on all types of floor coverings. The shell is also designed to house a high-stability base unit that prevents any risk of tipping.

Our steamers are equipped with a robust aluminium height-adjustable telescopic pole. Comprising three adjustable sections using a clip system, it can be shortened for easy storage of the appliance and extended fully depending on the height of the user and the length of the garment to be steamed. Our appliances therefore measure between 75 cm and 168 cm (depending on the model).

Our tank has a capacity of between 1.2 and 2.5 L and a practical handle for easy grip. Very simple to use, just twist the tank and unscrew the cap to refill.

The shape of the head is designed to limit condensation. Its stainless steel plate is resistant and anti-scratch. Its light ergonomic handle is comfortable even during prolonged use. Our technology does not require the presence of heating elements under the plate. Steam is released at around 100), so it does not burn or leave a shine on clothes.

All our appliances are equipped with an ultra-resistant tube covered in a special braid, providing triple heat protection. The external temperature of the tube means it is never too hot to touch. It has a spring at the end to prevent twisting and makes it easy to handle.

The control panel uses capacitive sensors or an adjustable backlit power controller to allow direct access to min power (eco mode) and max power (boost mode) or precise steam output settings depending on the nature of the textile. On each model, the tank empty indicator (signalled by a red light) lets you know when the tank needs refilling.

Our accessories

SteamOne offers a wide range of accessories to meet all its customers’ needs.

  • Le cintre


    This multifunction version with integrated trouser clip for the Unilys or two dedicated accessories (shirt hanger and trouser hanger) for the Dualys, allows you to easily hang all types of garments on the pole for easy steaming.

  • Le cintre

    Diffuser head support

    All our appliances offer a double function support, making it easy to support the head and also hang clothes hangers on the pole, using one or more small dedicated hooks.

  • Le rack


    This can also be used with the Dualys collection, an additional accessory designed to hang several clothes hangers.

  • Le gant

    Glove and mini-board

    These two accessories are supplied as standard with all our products. The glove enables new users in particular to handle garments without fear of contact with the steam. The mini-board is used for finishing collars and cuffs.

  • La brosse


    Adapted to the shape of the diffuser head, just clip it on to transform the head into a fluff remover brush for the perfect finish to your outfit.

  • Le crochet

    Suction-grip hook

    Our Nomad steamers come with a clever hook for hanging clothes hangers at any height.

  • La housse


    Some models come with a satin bag for storing your accessories.

Vue éclatée du manche steamerVapeur su steamerVue interieure du défroisseur

Our technology

Heating element

Our ultra-high-performance boilers have a max power of between 1900 and 2300 W (depending on the model) and are manufactured using very robust materials (aluminium or brass) for increased durability. The precision thermostat offers a continuous and stable steam output.

Gravity feed

This water feed system from the boiler is based on an external buffer tank that communicates between the detachable tank and the heating element. Pump-free, this system limits the risk of breakdown and offers unlimited autonomy as you can refill the detachable tank during use. You can also use tap or demineralised water.

Automatic stop

Our appliances are equipped with a safety system that automatically powers down the appliance in case you forget.

Anti-lime-scale system

This system increases the longevity of the heating element, regular drainage of the appliance is recommended using a lime-scale collector located under the base.

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