A French success story

2000 Discovery of the steamer

From textiles to household appliances

It was in the United States that Olivier and David Gabison, originally ready-to-wear clothing manufacturers, discovered the Steamer, a fun, high-performance tool for vertical ironing. At that time, the Gabison brothers regularly hired such steamers for fashion shows to enhance their collections.

2003 Commercial release of the steamer

On returning to Paris, they decided to import some steamers… what an insight! Very soon the orders were flooding in, so the two fashion experts took the crazy risk of putting their ready-to-wear clothing business on hold to concentrate on selling steamers.

2010 Creation of the SteamOne brand

And so, in 2010, SteamOne was born, the first European brand of steamers for professional use. It supplies almost all steamers to ready-to-wear clothing stores, but the two brothers didn’t stop there…

2012 Launch of the consumer range

In pursuit of shelf-space.

Building on its success on the professional market, SteamOne was launched on the consumer market, introducing steamers and offering all the high-performance products for a professional result at home. Today, the brand is present in more than 1500 points of sale throughout Europe.

Since 2016 No. 1 French steamer manufacturer

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