How to achieve optimal pressing?

Do not use the steamer in horizontal position, like an iron.

Keep the nozzle vertically to avoid condensation inside the hose and to ensure an optimal spreading. DO NOT USE a board.

Press the On switch when the tank is full.

Steam appears after 1 minute of preheating. To avoid condensation, we recommend letting the sole heat up for 2 minutes.

Hang the garment on a hanger, button it and put it on the built-in hanger rack.

Pull the bottom of the garment in order to stretch it and slide the steam nozzle while keeping it in contact with the fabric. Do not hesitate to DETACH your garments from the telescopic rod.

When making pants press creases, put the pants on a hanger and use the pants clip.

Use the provided accessory for shirt sleeves and collars.

Apply the steam nozzle directly on the fabric to reach a maximum effectiveness so that the steam can fully go through the fibres and take out their pleats.

Feel free to repeat the process as many times as necessary, it is completely harmless to the fabric.

What type of water to use?

You can use running water directly (thus, no additional cost), there is no need for demineralised water. Sediment/mineral residues go directly to the bottom of the tank and do not go through the hose.
Do not add vinegar, perfumes or any other additive that may damage the appliance. Demineralised water and pastilles are compatible with our steamers.

Can I apply the nozzle directly on the fabric?

It is MANDATORY if you want to achieve optimal result.
Apply the steam nozzle right on the fabric, it is completely harmless to the fabric, even the most fragile ones.

There are water droplets on the nozzle. Is that ok?

Water droplets appear on any steam-generating appliance. This is often the case when the steam temperature is not high enough.
Wait a bit until the hose is hot enough.
Make sure that the hose is not twisted.
Always keep the steamer upright.

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