Our concept

To steam or not to steam ?

SteamOne is aimed at anyone who can no longer stand the drudgery of ironing but who needs to look impeccable every day and at anyone who does not have the time or who is not able to iron. The solution: our portable steamer!

Simply place your garment on a hanger, then steam and wear immediately: SteamOne saves you time and space and is comfortable and easy to use!

SteamOne, the partner of fashionistas

Our steamer is a must-have for anyone committed to caring for their wardrobe. Its light steam makes the steamer an essential accessory for steaming complicated or delicate garments such as men’s and women’s tailored suits, pleated dresses, etc.

It is also designed to preserve delicate textiles such as silk or muslin and all sophisticated fabrics: sequin tops, embroidered blouses, flocking, sparkles, etc.

SteamOne preserves the fibres and makes your favourite garments last longer.

  • Embroidery

    Matière broderie
  • Lace

    Matière dentelle
  • Denim

    Matière jean
  • Wool

    Matière laine
  • Linen

    Matière lin
  • Muslin

    Matière mousseline
  • Sequin

    Matière sequin
  • Silk

    Matière soie
  • Synthetic

    Matière synthetique

Le défroissé porté

The portable steamer: there’s nothing simpler!


    No need for an ironing board, ideal for small spaces.


    Ready to use in 30, 45 or 60 seconds depending on the model.


    Suitable for use on all fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, linen, etc.) and all types of garments (shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, coats, etc.).

The key advantages

  • EFFECTIVE La vapeur douce permet un résultat irréprochable sans risque de brûler ni de lustrer les tissus.

  • CLEVER Ses accessoires permettent une utilisation facile et des finitions soignées (cintre intégré multi-fonctions, mini-planche pour les cols et les manchettes, brosse à peluches, gant de confort, crochet...).

  • ERGONOMIC Sa tige télescopique, son manche ultra-léger, son variateur de puissance et sa base compacte sur roulettes offrent un très grand confort d'utilisation.

  • ROBUST Sa chaudière en laiton ou en aluminium, sa semelle en acier inoxydable et son système anti-calcaire (vidance facile) garantissent une performance et une longivité optimales.

  • AUTONOMOUS Son réservoir amovible peut être rempli en cours d'utilisation pour une autonomie illimitée.

  • VERSATILE Le défroisseur peut aussi s'utiliser pour assainir ou rafraîchir les canapés, la literie, les rideaux, les tapis...

Dispelling the myths

Steamers are suitable for use on all types of garments: shirts, dresses, jackets, tops, trousers, etc. They are even essential for certain garments which cannot be ironed. The light steam poses no risk and leaves no shine on suits for example. With a steamer, you won’t need to waste any more time ironing!

Steamers offer impeccable results on all types of fabrics, denim, silk, linen, cotton, muslin, blended fabrics, etc. They are also effective on closely woven and thick fabrics as well as on light and flowing fabrics. What’s more, they are the only appliance capable of steaming embellishments such as sparkles, sequins, embroidery and flocking with no risk to the garment.

Condensation is a normal physical phenomenon. A few droplets of water may therefore form around the holes of the diffuser head. Having said that, unlike the plate of an iron, there is no lime-scale residue on this part of the appliance: there is therefore no risk of dirty marks.

Steamers are aimed anyone who does not wish to waste time ironing. If you are used to your weekly ironing session of over an hour, then you may well wish to keep your steam-generator iron. On the contrary, if this routine is a chore but you need to dress, crease-free, every day, then SteamOne is the solution for you!

The heating time of our appliances is optimised thanks to our ultra-powerful boilers. They are ready in 60, 45 or even 30 seconds depending on the model. In comparison with setup times for steam-generator irons and ironing boards, steamers are extremely quick.

Steamers mean you no longer need an ironing board! This all-in-one appliance means you can finally get rid of this accessory and replace it with one that is less cumbersome to use and store. What’s more, our steamers have been designed to take up minimal floor space: they require just half the space of a steam-generating iron* (not including the ironing board). *in comparison with various standard steam-generator irons on the market.

SteamOne has acquired expertise in association with clothing professionals, developing solutions that are suitable for intensive use and with the highest standards in terms of effectiveness. The brand has used this expertise in a domestic version and today offers customers the highest-performance products on the market for a professional result at home.

The outputs from our vertical appliances vary between 42 and 54 g/min depending on the model, which is lower in comparison with steam-generator irons. Having said that, steamers offer a continuous and constant output whereas the standard value for steam-generator irons is short cycle (steam activation for 5 seconds every 20 seconds).

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