The SteamOne steam blast : stop COVID-19

The SteamOne steam blast
erases 99% of germs, bacteria*
and virus * in only 1 pass.

The SteamOne steam blast : stop COVID-19 !

In order to answer the questions of Fashion and Ready-to-Wear professionals, SteamOne has conducted studies with an independent French laboratory specialized in virology of Biological Safety Level 3 (Biosafetylabel3) in order to discover the virucidal effects of SteamOne steam blast on coronavirus and COVID-19.

The results are clear :
the powerful SteamOne steam blast eliminates 99% of COVID-19* on the most used textiles in the ready-to-wear industry.

*Tests performed by an independent French virology laboratory of security level 3, July 2020. Carried out with a SteamOne steamer, on denim, cotton, polyester, silk, wool, linen, cashmere, viscose fabrics at a rate of 1 application of 1 second of steam interspersed with 1 second without steam. 99% elimination of the COVID-19 virus on all the textiles tested.

SteamOne’s choice

* * Tests performed by an independent French virology laboratory of security level 3, July 2020

One mask to each style !

According to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), wearing a mask remains the norm for the end of 2020. To have a perfect style in complete safety, match your washable mask to your everyday outfit. The hot steam from the steamer will help to smooth and sanitize all your clothes and washable cotton masks. It disinfects cotton, silk, wool, linen, viscose, removes odors and eliminates 99% of bacteria* and Covid-19*.

The +: it's natural & better for your health and for the environment. No need for chemicals!

The + : SteamOne steam blast eliminates Covid-19 at 99% on your washable mask in only 1 pass. *

*Scientific tests performed in June 2020 with the SteamOne steamer by the Scitec laboratory, Lausanne, Switzerland. Antibacterial efficiency (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) with 99.99% elimination.

your ally in style & daily care


Less restrictive than a 60-step machine wash, SteamOne steam blast removes bacteria* and viruses in one single pass*.

According to a study conducted by the Scitec laboratory in Switzerland, it has been proven that SteamOne steam blast,eliminates 99.99% of germs and bacteria*.

During the daily care of your laundry and home textiles, in contact with the steam heated to 98° by the SteamOne boiler technology SteamOne,germs and bacteria are eliminated to 99.99% in only 3 seconds.

Tips #1 :

The maintenance of the curtains


You can use your SteamOne steamer SteamOnesteamer on your curtains to straighten them but also to sanitize them thanks to the action of steam!

1 : Get your SteamOne steamer from the Nomade, Home or Pro collection.

2 : Pull the fabric - Apply the steam head on the fabric - steam, your curtains are smoothed and removed in one pass of 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses**.

Could it be easier ?

Tips #2 :

The care of clothing and "slow-fashion", an eco-responsible tendency!

Fashion is making its revolution, "slow-fashion" and eco-responsible consumption are becoming rewarding behaviors for oneself and to protect the planet. The good reasons to take care of your clothes :

1 : To devote your budget to renew your wardrobe

If you avoid damaging your favorite clothes, you will wash them less. And who says to wash less, is to say, reduce your electricity, water, laundry bills....

2: For smart shoppers!

To continue to treat yourself with pretty pieces. Nowadays, it's easy to know how to wash your prettiest pieces: a gentle wash before steamingyour outfit will keep it longer !

Tips #SteamOne :steaming avoids crushing the fibers and respects all fabrics to keep them longer!