Yes, taking care of your clothes is all the fashion!

You have surely heard that fashion is undergoing its own revolution, that "slow fashion" and eco-responsible consumption patterns are becoming behaviors that are rewarding for you and for protecting the planet. Ethical brands and clothing sales or rental channels have become widespread, and choosing to focus on them is garnering large numbers of followers throughout the fashion world. The pre-owned phenomenon has become significant among fashionistas, who now proudly display their mixed looks of new and second-hand finds. However, buying trendy clothes in thrift stores, closet sales and resale sites means, for some, learning or relearning the rituals of caring for clothes. Making your pre-owned clothes look like new or prolonging their lifespan is so... Fashionable!

So if you're still hesitating,

Here are 5 reasons to take good care of your clothes...

To devote your budget to renewing your wardrobe

This makes sense, after all, if you avoid damaging your favorite items, you will have to wash them less often. And washing them less often means lower bills for electricity, water, laundry .... So don't waste your time and money anymore. Adopt these easy steps so you can keep your budget for some fun!

For the smart shopper!

The goal is to continue to enjoy yourself by buying beautiful pieces. Even if you don’t know all the fabrics by heart, is easy today to get to know fabric combinations and how to wash them. Read the labels, most of the information is on them. And if you don't have the patience to wash your wool by hand and in cold water, choose a different fabric. This will help you reduce waste.

Because you're going to find some great deals.

And yes, reselling a garment or an accessory in very good condition or with little damage will enable you to sell it faster and at a better price. Put yourself in the place of the second-hand item buyer, you wouldn’t want to buy an item that is deformed or defective. By developing simple everyday habits, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your clothes. For instance, you can start by not crumpling them into a ball in the closet, and using garment steaming rather than ironing. This will prevent you from crushing the fibers and will care longer for the fabric. Turn knitwear and embroidered clothing inside out before storing, dry your woolen items flat...

Boost your style.

By knowing how to wash fragile materials such as silk, cashmere, embroidery, satin... you will be able to afford to acquire more complex items, better cut and with more detail, without fear of damaging them, which means really having fun with no fear.

And last point... because it increases self-confidence!

In a world where everything is moving very fast, where more and more tasks are being delegated in order to save time, and where appearance is gaining more and more ground, nothing is more rewarding than learning to find the simple and environmentally-friendly habits of the older generations. "Doing things for yourself." Sewing on a button, modernizing a garment, making your shoes shine, steaming... are useful and easy and increase creativity.

For all these reasons, the "I take care of my clothes" trend is going to last. More in the next article ...