Here are the answers to the main questions you might have about garment steaming and our SteamOne steamers.

Do not use the steamer in a horizontal position like an iron.
The steam diffuser should be held upright, to avoid condensation in the hose and for optimal steam diffusion. Do not use an ironing board.
When the tank is filled, press the ON button. Steam will appear after 1 minute of preheating. However, to avoid condensation, we recommend allowing the soleplate to heat for 2 minutes.
To remove wrinkles, place your garment on a hanger, button it up, and place it on the built-in hanger.
Hold the bottom of your garment to stretch the fabric taught, then run the steam head along the fabric.
Don't hesitate to PULL your garment AWAY from the telescopic rod. For shirt sleeves and collars, use the accessory provided for that purpose.
For maximum efficiency, press the steam head directly against the fabric to let the steam penetrate and relax the fibers.
Do not hesitate to repeat the operation as many times as necessary, without any risk to your fabrics.

You can use straight tap water (no extra cost), you don't need demineralized water.
Limescale drops directly to the bottom of the tank, and is therefore not fed back into the hose.
Do not use additives (vinegar, fragrances, etc.) that could damage the device.
Demineralized water and pastilles are compatible with our steamers.

That is actually MANDATORY for optimal results.
Without any risk to even the most fragile materials, the steam head must be run directly against the fabrics.

Like any device that works with steam, a few droplets may appear.
This often happens when the temperature of the steam is not yet high enough.
Wait a few moments for the hose to be hot.
Make sure there are no twists in the hose.
Always keep your steamer upright.